“What is breakthrough? A moment in time when everything changes." - Unknown


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I'm so glad you stopped in! A little about me...

First, I am an overcomer. Life has thrown me a lot of lemons and God keeps making the best lemonade!

Second, I am a resource person. (I've been accused of that most of my adult life and I plead guilty as charged to that one!)

I'm able to combine these two things to help my clients jump over hurdles, get to the next milestone, and to finish strong in the race of life. I do this through coaching, speaking, and consulting. If you aren't entirely content with where you are in life, let's have a conversation about helping you reach the next level. I am passionate about serving those who seek to grow and live an intentional life of purpose. 

Don't Let Your Past Hold Your Future Hostage!

While I work with clients who are single, married or re-married, I am most passionate about helping others post-divorce because it's a road I have walked. What once devastated me and kept me stuck in an emotional ditch, was what God used to prepare me for my calling of helping others rebuild their lives after divorce. I understand the heartache, confusion, fear, rejection, uncertainty, frustrations, exhaustion, chaos, and the many other emotions on the detour of life called divorce. 

After my first marriage ended unexpectedly, with an infant and a toddler (who are now both thriving in high school and college), I spent almost ten years as a single mother before re-marrying. Once devastated by divorce, I have managed to "live to tell about it" and now help others see hope, navigate the pitfalls of becoming single-again, reconfigure their thinking, and move forward into a life of promise. Post-divorce I struggled with feeling "stuck" until I learned the secrets of how to live a rewarding life outside of being married. I will help you, too, experience hope and wholeness, while regaining your identity and recognizing the gifts and strengths that God has given you, enabling you to move in a positive direction. You don't have to walk this journey alone.

My goal is helping you...

  • learn the secrets to move on with your life after divorce
  • embrace the future and move forward
  • adjust to a new, single lifestyle
  • date smart (if you choose to date) so you don't end up with a jerk
  • achieve greater confidence
  • reinvent yourself/redesign your life
  • be empowered to take charge of your life and make decisions on your own
  • strengthen your family foundations
  • thrive as a parent and raise responsible adults
  • co-parent well, with or without the help of a cooperative former spouse
  • live joyfully ever after as you re-write your story
  • grow in your relationship with Christ in the process

 Married? I can give you tools to help you avoid pitfalls and enrich your relationship.

 My Background:

  • Degree in Business Management from UGA
  • Thirteen years working in financial areas (banking, insurance)
  • Twelve years working in church ministry
  • Member of the ICCA (International Christian Coaching Association)
  • Member of the AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors)
  • Ten years as divorce recovery group leader
  • Four years as a Christian Life Coach

An avid reader with an extensive library, I believe in being a life-long learner. I continue to further my training through courses and conferences, using my many resources to assist clients. 

My family and I reside in the Athens, Georgia area where I was born and raised as a Bulldawg! I am an active member of Grace Fellowship Church in Bogart, GA, serving in several areas, primarily as a Group Leader in the DivorceCare Ministry.


What Others Have to Say About Working with Me


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My vision is to see others walk in God's truth, realize who they are created to be, and incorporate God's Word, His presence, and His power into their life, aiding in accomplishing personal and professional goals, and becoming part of something greater than themselves.


To provide others with coaching, tools, resources, education, strategies, and insights to facilitate achievement of their life goals and purpose.

Core Values

A few of my core values:

  • First and foremost, a passionate and active faith in Jesus Christ that guides living
  • Commitment to personal growth and being a lifelong learner to fulfill God's purposes and helping others do the same
  • Living life with integrity and honesty
  • Making a positive impact in the lives of those that God brings my way
  • Prayer as a powerful source of communication, strength and connection with our Creator


Statement of Belief

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