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General Life Purpose Coaching

I can help you identify roadblocks, broken patterns, and excuses that have kept you from reaching your goals. Help shatter fears and get past the glass ceiling in your life. Studies show that self-awareness is a key factor in successful people. We will create self-awareness through a variety of tools and assessments, revealing your God-given traits to help you gain insight into your being and to help you reach your goals.


Whether you want to...

  • better manage your work/life balance
  • increase your sales
  • develop a better working relationship with a boss/co-workers
  • understand your God-given "bent" and gifting
  • be the best parent you can be
  • be the best spouse you can be/improve your marriage
  • have someone coach your child to understand and handle basic finances so the two of you don't end up in a battle
  • learn how to forgive someone who has hurt you
  • develop your spiritual life
  • learn to set healthy boundaries with people or things
  • go beyond 'aha' moments and make living in your strengths part of your lifestyle
  • minimize obstacles that are holding you back from reaching your full potential
  • gain energy by embracing your personality

...I can help!

Call Wendy at 706-540-7259 for a free 30-minute initial consultation (in person or by phone) to determine if coaching is right for you.


Mental Reboot Package

Managing Moments Package

Power of Personality Package

Who am I? Identity Discovery and Reinvention for Women Package