“Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it." - Unknown


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Dating / Relationships Coaching

(P.I.C.K. a Partner Certified)

When it comes to dating, do you have a compulsion for completion, yet your track record is less than desired? Do you keep dating the same kind of person and it never works out? Do you continue to make destructive choices?

As a coach, I can help you connect the dots and see the patterns in your relationships that keep you from healthy relationships. I will also give you tools to help you in deciding if a potential mate/relationship is a healthy one, and how to pace the relationship so that it maintains positive growth. I can help by equipping you to make good choices.



Already Married?

Do you desire to be the best wife/husband you can be? We can work together to bring greater joy and fulfillment in your marital relationship.

Work Relationships Need Improvement?

See the General Life Purpose Page.

Are there co-workers with whom you struggle to get along? I can help you understand how to manage interactions with various types of people.

Call Wendy at 706-540-7259 for a free 30-minute initial consultation (in person or by phone) to determine if coaching is right for you.



Follow Your Heart Without Losing Your Mind!

Date Smart: Follow Your Heart Without Losing Your Mind

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Christian singles who wish to learn biblical principles to guide them in the dating process, whether single or single again, should call to apply for the program. 

If you've ever said "I should have known better" or "I saw it when we dated but overlooked it," then this group is for you.

At one time or another, we have thought about that old saying, "Love is blind." It might have been at that miserably mismatched wedding you attended; or, when your best friend forgave his girlfriend (her boyfriend) the hundredth time for the SAME CRIME; or, after your divorce, and after looking back with analytic contemplation, you finally saw the warning signals of the person you ended up marrying; or, perhaps it occurred within the depths of your own soul when you had someone you love break your trust. The accumulation of such experiences lead you to wonder if you could ever....follow your heart without losing your mind.

Learn the major areas that predict what a person will be like in marriage, a model to help you really get to know the person you are dating, the bonding forces that must be kept in balance as a relationship grows, and in general, how to date smarter.