“The trouble with not having goals is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” – Bill Copeland

Divorce Recovery

Parenting/Single Parenting

General Life Purpose


Christian Relationships - Dating, Pre-Marital, Marriage

Tired of waiting
for your life to turn around? 

Your current situation is not your
permanent destination!

Ready for change yesterday, tomorrow,
or NOW?

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  • Experience breakthrough after a marital breakup
  • Take the high road despite co-parenting potholes
  • Stay in the driver's seat without overheating when your child tries to take the wheel
  • Hit the brakes on toxic dating habits
  • Pave the way toward a smoother marriage
  • Ditch distractions and discover your personal GPS to reach your life's destination

Coaching gives direction, support and accountability in reaching your goals. Together we will create action-oriented plans that will help overcome the challenges you are facing and facilitate forward momentum.

Let’s face it – life is busy! We must be intentional in developing self-awareness and taking action to become all that God created us to be. Coaching is flexible. We can explore options to see what package is the best fit for you. Whether it's face-to-face meetings, phone sessions, or communicating via webcam/computer, I can help.


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